Friday, February 20, 2009

Business as usual...(don't mind me)!

"Hello!" said the voice from the cubicle beside me.

"Hello!" I responded, wishing I had taken more notice of who entered the Ladies Room behind me.

"How are you?" the voice asked.

"Well, thanks," I replied, still trying to recognize the voice of someone who obviously knew me.

"What are you doing?" the
disembodied voice enquired!

Now this was a dilemma. Who would want to know what I was doing! This was indeed a most unusual conversation! I didn't want to be rude, but I just may have to enquire about the identity of the mystery friend next door.

Fortunately, I was spared from this as the voice from the cubicle continued as she went about her business whilst conversing on her mobile phone!

Stone the crows! I didn't know her from a bar of soap – and I really didn't need to hear or be enticed into the private conversation she had publicly initiated either!

I retreated as fast as I could!