Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Dad's Gift

I did not know this time last week
It would come up my drive, this silver streak;
More class, more doors, more power to steer

And lots more room in boot and rear.

March seventeenth this gift was given

And at my home it is now livin'.

So filled with joy I might implode,
I am the Princess of the Road!
So each time as the motor I start,

I will thank my Dad with a grateful heart.

For not only am I blessed by my Father above,
But my Dad has said, “You are worthy of my love.”

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thank you, Graham!

...(Photo used with permission)

Graham, tonight you celebrate 25 years' hosting of Radio 6PR's Nightline. Congratulations! I am one of thousands of listeners who celebrate many, many years of sharing several evenings a week with you. Thank you to your beautiful wife, Merle, and your sons for their sacrifice so that others' lives can be enriched.

Your compassion, generosity of spirit, and wonderful sense of humour draw folk to you and you have become a friend and companion-on-air to so many, including myself. As a broadcaster
and Baptist Pastor, I believe your openness, healthy larrikinism
and compassionate attitudes help break down barriers and open a way for many to know God.

Graham, may you host 6PR's Nightline for many years to come. Together with many others, I continue to pray for you and your ministry through radio.