Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's in a Name?

I had two delightful, personal moments today.

The first was when a lovely salesgirl at the local shopping centre called out to me, 'Hi Virginia!', followed by, 'Um, that's not really your name is it?' 

When I reminded her it was Noella, she was a bit embarrassed. Just as many people do, she said she remembered it had something to do with Christmas—but couldn't think what. 

Perhaps she was thinking of the Virgin Birth?

A little later I picked up my grandson, John, from his pre-primary class. He took my hand as we left and asked me why I was called 'Mum-ma' (which was his baby name for me). Then he added seriously, 'You look more like a Grandma to me!'

Precious, and made my day!