Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Blockbuster of a Dream!

I am a vivid dreamer, every night, and have good recall. Some dreams remain in my memory for days or longer. Dream researchers say dreams last only minutes, but a recent one of mine was an all-night marathon. 

In the dream I travelled quite a distance through many scenarios and adventures, overcoming one obstacle after another. Throughout the dream, I could remember what had gone before. Part way, I had an interval when I woke to go to the loo, then went back to sleep and carried on where I left off. 

It finished in the morning, when a long list of all the credits rolled through, just like at the theatre. I saw the cast, director, best boy, key grip, different teams for the different locations - the lot. I could even read the names, though can recall none. As soon as the credits finished, I woke up. What a fantastic night's entertainment!

If only I could just roll over and get some real sleep...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's in a Name?

I had two delightful, personal moments today.

The first was when a lovely salesgirl at the local shopping centre called out to me, 'Hi Virginia!', followed by, 'Um, that's not really your name is it?' 

When I reminded her it was Noella, she was a bit embarrassed. Just as many people do, she said she remembered it had something to do with Christmas—but couldn't think what. 

Perhaps she was thinking of the Virgin Birth?

A little later I picked up my grandson, John, from his pre-primary class. He took my hand as we left and asked me why I was called 'Mum-ma' (which was his baby name for me). Then he added seriously, 'You look more like a Grandma to me!'

Precious, and made my day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Anniversary – 41 Years!

I was delighted when an old Army friend of my brother, John, contacted me with several photos he took or had taken when they both trained together in Kapooka. I especially treasure this one, which is how I remember my brother, together with his lovely fiancée, Lyn. Lyn was also my dear friend throughout my school years and beyond, and my much-loved sister-in-law.

Another dear friend from our school years has recently contacted me when she happened upon an earlier blog postings of mine on 12th June. What a joy it has been to be in touch with her again, both for our shared memories of John and Lyn, and sharing our lives from the last 40 years. Amazing!

Together with another Army friend of John's who served with him in Vietnam, these communications and the people behind them have been and are such a blessing to me. Now I am past all the busy years of child raising and caring for elderly parents, my mind goes more and more to my brother, family and friends.

I hope for more communications in the future. This is the human side of modern-day technology at its best!