Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

My two grandsons are a delight in my life. Last week our Church held a large function in the community drama centre. In between taking my part with the music group, I assisted my daughter-in-law in keeping the energetic boys occupied. 

Unfortunately, the air conditioner had broken down at the start of the heatwave, and the full theatre became quite uncomfortable. But John discovered a really cool way to pass time. He discovered the cold water cask in the foyer! 

I thought, now this will keep him quietly out of mischief for a good half hour or more so I allowed him to carefully press the button on the cask and partially fill and recycle a few disposable cups.  As he did so, he happily drank about six of the half-filled cups of water and his little tummy bulged out in front as he started to make little burps, then got the hiccups. His Mum was not impressed when he produced big four puddles and needed four changes of pants in the next half hour!  I am told he filled two nappies on the way home. I still don't know how those little cups of water could produce so much output!  

Sharon told me that that had not been such a good idea!
I am inclined to agree...but at least he didn't get dehydrated in the heat!