Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good listeners

Looking through my party pics, I noticed some wonderful expressions of the rapt attention of good listeners!

Barry, Phil and Robbie

Sharon & Daniel (and Buddy)

Kerrie & Christopher

David, Bev & John

Barry and Gail L.

Naomi and Gail V.

Roma and Helen

Sharon, Alister, Merv & Viv, Roma and Helen

Piet & Robyn, Ken & Julie

Ken, Hans & Robbie

Mary & Geoff and Raymond

Shirley and Viv
[Thank you to Shirley for taking most of these photos]

Bryan, Christopher, me, Daniel and Rina

Raymond, Alister (behind) and Roy
[Raymond has just had a bright idea!]

Me and Phil

[Multi-talented] Phil

Martin [appreciates good tucker]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Night to Remember


A wonderful night —
Surrounded by my family
And faithful friends through time,

Our son and daughter in law hosting in their home,
A balmy evening with a light sea breeze,
Birds flying in formation against a full moon,
Great food, lively conversation,
Memories relived, humour and laughter.
What an abundance I am so thankful for!

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Last Night of My Youth


In a few hours I enter a new decade in my life, but I can hardly believe what I did today!

OK, so I'm not coping particularly well with the sudden onset of the first heatwave of the season, particularly the humidity. Nor the itching from the plague of summer insects that love to torture and devour me a mouthful at a time from the toes up!

All day I'd been hopping into a red hot car which had been locked up in shadeless car parks and the amount of lifting and carrying I did today pushed me to my limits. Circumstances contrived to test my patience, culminating in my failing repeatedly to secure a lid on a pith cool box which kept popping off. So what did I do?

I chucked a tantrum – threw a wobbly - had a conniption!

Right there in our driveway!
I can't even remember when I last indulged in that immature behaviour! Not since I was a young mother, at least...

Fortunately, Barry arrived home from work at that moment and – wise man – recognised the need for his involvement and action!

A couple of good house bricks did the trick...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Mieow Year!


While my owner is rushing around this evening trying to fulfill all the New Year Resolutions she made at the start of 2008, I would like to contribute to your Happy Mieow Year with a useful list from my Cat-ionary:

CAT-IONARY (Author unknown)

Catacomb: Grooming device for Kitty. Good for removing cat-a-mats.

Catapult: What happens when the catacomb gets caught in the cat-a-mats.

Catnip: What Kitty will give you if you "pull" too hard with the catacomb.

Catamount: Any perch in the house, higher than a human's head.

Catcall: Signaling device used to open doors, fill food bowls and receive undivided attention.

Catty-corner: A good place to keep the litter box.

Caterwaul: What sometimes gets hit instead of the litter box.

Catkin: The results of an unaltered cat.

Cat's Cradle: Where Kitty sleeps, such as any bed, sofa, or other warm, comfy spot in the house.

Catwalk: Kitty's daily exercise routine, consists of short trips to the food bowl (with occasional detours to the catty-corner).

Catalog: Useful outdoor scratching post.

Catalyst: Litter, cat food, treats, toys, etc. What humans use to shop for Kitty with.

Catgut: Essential internal part of the cat, requires filling on an hourly basis.

Catsup: Mealtime. It fills the catgut.

Catnap: What cats do when they are not catsupping.

Category: The icky stuff that Kitty leaves on the porch step after eating the outside of a mouse.
Caterpillar: The lady in the white coat who says, "Now swallow the medicine like a good Kitty."

Catalyze: What Kitty tells you when you find the broken vase. "Meow - it was the dog, I swear it!"

Cataract: What the house looks like if you leave Kitty alone for too long.

Catatonic: What humans drink after seeing the house.

Catastrophe: An award Kitty receives for having the most beautiful behind.

Catfish: What Kitty does in your aquarium.