Friday, January 09, 2009

The Last Night of My Youth


In a few hours I enter a new decade in my life, but I can hardly believe what I did today!

OK, so I'm not coping particularly well with the sudden onset of the first heatwave of the season, particularly the humidity. Nor the itching from the plague of summer insects that love to torture and devour me a mouthful at a time from the toes up!

All day I'd been hopping into a red hot car which had been locked up in shadeless car parks and the amount of lifting and carrying I did today pushed me to my limits. Circumstances contrived to test my patience, culminating in my failing repeatedly to secure a lid on a pith cool box which kept popping off. So what did I do?

I chucked a tantrum – threw a wobbly - had a conniption!

Right there in our driveway!
I can't even remember when I last indulged in that immature behaviour! Not since I was a young mother, at least...

Fortunately, Barry arrived home from work at that moment and – wise man – recognised the need for his involvement and action!

A couple of good house bricks did the trick...


ozjane said...

And did it ease the stress levels?

I sometimes think I would love to do the immitation of a young child's tantrum in the middle of the supermarket....lie on the floor and scream and kick and yell.

Alas I am now to old to get up off the

Alice said...

So just what DID Barry do with those house bricks - assuming that he didn't pull them out of the house

Did he drop them on your toes, earbash you with them, throw them through the windscreen.... or simply sit them on top of the cooler? Ah, good man.

Well, I hope today is a million times better, Noella. Don't worry dear, you're only ONE DAY older than yesterday, not a million years. There really is life on the other side of that big _0. I know, I've been checking it out for a few years now.

God Bless you each and every day. Happy Birthday, dear friend.

dave said...

The wife of my youth told me it was your birthday. Happy Birthday!

DeAnn said...