Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Forgiven - but not forgotten!

At last Angel has forgiven me
for what he believes was my 'dirty trick'.

He is greeting me again when I come home from work,
but he won't come out from the bushes…

'till I have walked away from the car…!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


It is said cats have very long memories, and it is going to take Angel a long time to forget my introducing him to the new car.

One of life's small pleasures is to find Angel waiting at the top of our driveway each day as I come home from work. Like many pets, he knows the sound of my car's engine and gives the impression that he has waited expectantly and is very glad to see me return.

After several days of no show or welcome for me in my new car, I thought I would introduce him by way of a tour of its interior. He walked and climbed throughout, sniffing the upholstery and each fitting, then tested it for size by stretching out on the back window ledge. He finally decided to claim ownership with an attempt (albeit very short-lived!) to sharpen his claws on the upholstery, and prepared to exit.

'A successful exercise,' I congratulated myself, as he unhurriedly stepped from the car with great cat decorum, tail held high and firm to show his approval and that he was in control of the situation – for all of several seconds, till I shut the door and somehow set off the alarm system! The sudden, loud,
shrill wailing sent Angel flying off into the bushes, dignity shed with a sharp kitty expletive!

I tried apologizing, but the family's laughter did nothing to help, and I had to suffer feline dirty looks for the rest of the day...!