Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Night to Remember


A wonderful night —
Surrounded by my family
And faithful friends through time,

Our son and daughter in law hosting in their home,
A balmy evening with a light sea breeze,
Birds flying in formation against a full moon,
Great food, lively conversation,
Memories relived, humour and laughter.
What an abundance I am so thankful for!


Alice said...

See, it was worth having a birthday with a zero, waan't it?

Lovely photo of you and Barry, too.

So how do you cope with THIS age? Just do all the things you did when you were 20! Well, some of them......

Love and hugs.

Kerri said...

Happy birthday, Noella! Looks like a great b'day bash with lots of good friends. Those are such happy photos.
Thanks for visiting and leaving such fun comments. Molly and Jasmine say Purr (thanks)very much :)

Jo Anne said...

Hi, i like your entries and the pictures you posted. It seems that you have a wonderful family. I have read your profile and saw that you are from Perth Australia, my brother lives at Mandurah and they always visited your place. :-) Thank you for dropping by on our blog, I hope you visited it once in a while. I am blessed with you entries sis. God bless you and more birthdays to come.

Noella said...

Thank you, Jo Anne, for visiting and your kind words.