Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Mieow Year!


While my owner is rushing around this evening trying to fulfill all the New Year Resolutions she made at the start of 2008, I would like to contribute to your Happy Mieow Year with a useful list from my Cat-ionary:

CAT-IONARY (Author unknown)

Catacomb: Grooming device for Kitty. Good for removing cat-a-mats.

Catapult: What happens when the catacomb gets caught in the cat-a-mats.

Catnip: What Kitty will give you if you "pull" too hard with the catacomb.

Catamount: Any perch in the house, higher than a human's head.

Catcall: Signaling device used to open doors, fill food bowls and receive undivided attention.

Catty-corner: A good place to keep the litter box.

Caterwaul: What sometimes gets hit instead of the litter box.

Catkin: The results of an unaltered cat.

Cat's Cradle: Where Kitty sleeps, such as any bed, sofa, or other warm, comfy spot in the house.

Catwalk: Kitty's daily exercise routine, consists of short trips to the food bowl (with occasional detours to the catty-corner).

Catalog: Useful outdoor scratching post.

Catalyst: Litter, cat food, treats, toys, etc. What humans use to shop for Kitty with.

Catgut: Essential internal part of the cat, requires filling on an hourly basis.

Catsup: Mealtime. It fills the catgut.

Catnap: What cats do when they are not catsupping.

Category: The icky stuff that Kitty leaves on the porch step after eating the outside of a mouse.
Caterpillar: The lady in the white coat who says, "Now swallow the medicine like a good Kitty."

Catalyze: What Kitty tells you when you find the broken vase. "Meow - it was the dog, I swear it!"

Cataract: What the house looks like if you leave Kitty alone for too long.

Catatonic: What humans drink after seeing the house.

Catastrophe: An award Kitty receives for having the most beautiful behind.

Catfish: What Kitty does in your aquarium.



ozjane said...

In our house a CATalog is what Miss Moggie uses to buy presents for her Mummy.
She bought me a lovely nativity statue from Bevilles CATalog this year.

Anonymous said...

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