Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Cheer in the Local Community

.St Mark's, Leeming (Uniting Church)

The goodwill from smiling faces as people paused for a minute or two during Christmas shopping made singing Christmas Carols very rewarding. It was even more fun when children joined in singing and playing percussion instruments.

Yep, I'm in there playing guitar and the chimes (yippee!). Good fun, but one time as I leaned forward to turn the music page, the guitar tuning pegs somehow tangled themselves in the strings on which the chimes hung. Just like a tangle in a fishing line, it was astounding how much twisting and threading was required to separate a simple meeting of the two instruments! I don't think anyone noticed, but as musicians we know these things happen and carry on regardless!

~ Blessings at Christmas to All ~


Alice said...

Everyone looks happy and hopeful for the New Year. I had to turn the sound down though because there was a definite bum note coming from that

Have a great year, Noella.

Noella said...

Err, which of the bum notes did you hear, Alice?

Happy New Year to you also, friend.

Alice said...

I think it was the first one, the last one, and any between those I'm sure you're very good, Noella, and wouldn't dream of playing a bum note. Truth is, I probably know one if I heard it.

Noella said...
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Noella said...

The secret when hitting a bum note is to look at another musician with a "was that you?" expression!

Another option is to search the air with a quick where-did-that-come-from look!

Whilst amateurs our music group (currently 7) is closely bonded and we have a heap of support, good humour and fun between us. That is what we hope comes across to sweeten the mistakes...