Monday, December 22, 2008

All I want for Christmas is... a Space Shuttle!

The ultimate gift for a space enthusiast! For US$42, it could be mine.

I have always been
fascinated by space travel, and a highlight in my life was a visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in September 2000. We climbed the LC39 Observation Gantry and viewed the shuttle Discovery on the launch pad. I had to pinch myself to believe I was actually there seeing this in reality.

I still relish every experience of our day at the Center with its magnificent exhibits and experiences. The day climaxed with a
walk through a full-size Space Shuttle mock-up, complete with individually coded and fitted heat-resistant tiles.

So two Space Shuttles will be decommissioned and up for sale in 2010!

But Barry said no, I can't have one.

And why not?

"Well, where would you put it?" he asked!


Anonymous said...

We got to KSC in Jan 1995 to discover the launch of Endeavour (STS72) was on the next morning. We stayed the night a Titusville across the water and watched an awesome sight the next morning. We couldn't believe our luck to be at the right place at the right time by sheer accident.

I did a post on this event on my blog back in February with a video clip which you may be interested in.

Alice said...

Where else would you keep a Space Shuttle except in space? Doesn't Barry know that just out there somewhere is heaps of space, just waiting for your next

But no, please don't go there, Noella - I would miss you. And I know that 'the boy' has a beautiful voice that carries so very far - but outer space may be a bit much, even for him - and YOU would miss that!!!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to imagine how we could get it to Perth for you. I will have to think on this for awhile.

Noella said...

Dave, if anyone could do it, you could! But it's the thought that counts...