Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good listeners

Looking through my party pics, I noticed some wonderful expressions of the rapt attention of good listeners!

Barry, Phil and Robbie

Sharon & Daniel (and Buddy)

Kerrie & Christopher

David, Bev & John

Barry and Gail L.

Naomi and Gail V.

Roma and Helen

Sharon, Alister, Merv & Viv, Roma and Helen

Piet & Robyn, Ken & Julie

Ken, Hans & Robbie

Mary & Geoff and Raymond

Shirley and Viv
[Thank you to Shirley for taking most of these photos]

Bryan, Christopher, me, Daniel and Rina

Raymond, Alister (behind) and Roy
[Raymond has just had a bright idea!]

Me and Phil

[Multi-talented] Phil

Martin [appreciates good tucker]

1 comment:

Alice said...

I was looking at the photos (listenting to David while I'm at and thinking "Noella, is such a dangerous lady with a camera," and then I see that Shirley took most of them.

Great shots - and good to look back on in the future.