Tuesday, February 06, 2007

End of an Era...and a New One Begins

Ten weeks ago, on November 29, my Father died at the age of 85. So ends an era in my life, yet whilst grieving, there is a feeling of completeness and peace. Dad lived a full life and had prepared himself and his family for this time. There were some rough passages in the last years, but with excellent palliative care in his last days, he departed this life in dignity and peace.

Now with our first grandchild due in June, one generation makes way for a new generation. Come to think of it, Barry and I have now moved up the rank to next in line! Ah, but there's a lot of living to be done before then...

~To Staff and Volunteers at Palliative Care Unit,
Hollywood Hospital, Nedlands:

You are God's finest Angels~


Aluwings said...

I grieve your loss. My father passed away suddenly a few years ago. My mother, now 81 is doing well, but does have cancer and I know I won't have her with us too much longer.

Your sunset picture reminds me of this article. I hope you enjoy it.

Night Flight

Noella said...

Thank you, Aluwings. I appreciate your empathy and kind words. I very much enjoyed the article "Night Flight". Your thoughtfulness has touched me and encouraged me. I am enjoying reading your fascinating blog now. I wish you and your mother some special times together.

niebrugg said...


Your writing is beautiful. Thank you for finding me and sharing your world.