Saturday, June 21, 2008

John McCarthy Ross - 1 year old, 21-June-08


John quickly bonded with his favourite gift -
an aeroplane from his Uncle Chris and Auntie Kerrie!

Blowing out the candle on his cake, made by his Mum.
[His face painted as a lion!]

What a joy our wonderful Grandson is in our lives!


Alice said...

Happy Birthday, John McCarthy Ross.

Bless you for all the happiness you have brought to your family, especially your dear paternal grandparents.

Anonymous said...

When mary had a little lamb, no one gave a toss but you should have heard the noise that was made with the arrival of John McCarthy Ross. Now little John is one year old,a handsome little man who has the good looks of his mum and dad as well as his loving gran.
He'll be off to school one day when he's big and strong. Dear Gran will be so proud as he is watched over by the angel "uncle John".