Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Swimming Pool Surprise

Some weeks ago, whilst pruning the raised garden bed behind our pool, Barry was frightened by some hidden creature which snapped through the foliage at him. A few days later the mystery was solved when we woke to find a duck and her 10 chicks happily taking swimming lessons in the pool!

It were fascinating to watch them mimick the actions of mother duck as she taught them how to catch insects and to get in and out of the water.

But our cute little family disappeared on the third day! The mother duck attracted me with her distress calls as 4 of her chicks had ducked through the small gap under the pool gate, one adventurous leader running around the shed followed by the other 3 little cheeping rebels. Mother duck could have flown out but didn't want to leave her other 6, and the cheeky rebel leader kept upsetting her by coming back to the gate then running off again with the other 3 still in pursuit. It would have been quite hilarious but for mother duck's distress.

I finally managed to herd the 4 renegades back into the pool area and shut the gate – but by afternoon the whole family had left.


Alice said...

All together now.....

Ten little ducks went out one day,
Into a pool in WA.
Mother duck said, "Get out of the way,
Here comes Noella and she wants to play".

Kerri said...

How fascinating to have a front row seat as the cute little ducklings were instructed by Mum.
I'd love to have witnessed the rounding up of the renegades. What fun :)
Thanks for visiting and for your cheery comments. I hope you're feeling much better after your recent illnesses.
Blessing to you.

Kerri said...

P.S. I'm smiling about Alice's little song.
Funny girl :)