Monday, April 05, 2010

It's time!


Eight months down the track...

* I have started a new job at the same institution but in a different discipline, and have been both grateful and humbled by the struggles of re-learning everything at age 60;

* We have bought a block of land;

* And a house to be built on it;

* Sold our home after months of preparation, opening on the hottest day this summer;

* Carried out marathon clean-outs and decluttering;

* Packed more boxes of my books than everything else we own put together!

* Fulfilled numerous regulations, repairs and maintenance before departing;

* Moved throughout summer's worst heatwave;

* Celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary along with the removalist's van;

We are grateful to God for a new beginning at this stage of our lives, and we deeply appreciate our supportive, faithful friends!


Alice said...

Well, everything else should be easy after

Let's hope every aspect of your life finds success and fulfilment this year.

Congratulations to you and B. on your wedding anniversary.

Noella said...

Thanks, Alice. And thank you for faithfully checking my blog even after all these months! xx

DeAnn said...

So that's where you've been! Very exciting. Bet you found some old favorites that you want to look at again. My grandmother used to put $$ in the pages of her books. Maybe it's not too late for me to start that.... It would be a fun thing come packing day! I love beginnings!