Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 3 - San Francisco

Beautiful soft rain and grey skies today; a fog covering various sections of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The floral displays in the garden beds and pots around the pier were magnificent, with colourful tulips in full bloom.

We explored Pier 38, delighting in Bubba Gump Shrimps, saltwater taffy in overflowing wooden barrels, and famous Ghirardelli chocolate stores.

The sea lions of Pier 39

We ventured out on a Blue and Gold 1-hour ferry loop around the Bay, with views of the City en route to the Golden Gate Bridge. The water became rougher and the wind stronger and colder as the bridge got closer and the rain closed in.

From a distance, much of the bridge was covered in fog, but as we closed in and stopped right under span, the sight of the stretching spans to left and right were awesome in size and detail.

Looking up, cars looked like matchbox toys. Looking down was the clashing and meshing of ocean and bay waters as they collided in a rip, inviting sea sickness. Just in the nick of time, the boat was underway again. Soon we passed Alcatraz, close to the island's shore, before returning to the docks.

Again we ate at Capurro's. Daniel had calamari which came with 9 crumbed baby octopuses which he gave to me. I chose Dungeness crab cakes and vegies.


DeAnn said...

The photos are wonderful!!! I'm so glad you've added these! Wow...

Noella said...

Thank you, DeAnn!

Onto Yosemite next...