Monday, June 12, 2006

An Encouraging Word

Several words of encouragement lately, one sincerely given by an unknown visitor to my blog (thank you, Leslie), have fanned the flame of my desire to express and share myself through blogging. After another bumpy patch in life, it's time to declare the bruises healed, and get going again!

Here is an entry that I had begun but not completed:

8th May
Remembering Mum—it is 10 years today since she graduated from this world to her reward. Dad and I visited her grave and we shared memories. I miss her physical presence but still feel our closeness in spirit, and need only the stop and think, "Now what would you say to me in this situation, Mum?", to hear her understanding voice in my mind, or to recall her wisdom, loving attitude or humour that she had communicated with me so many times during our close friendship of my lifetime.

Each year Mother's Day falls on or within a few days of this anniversary. I am filled with gratitude for the gift of my Mum, but am now more aware that I am the focus of Mother's Day for my two grown sons. That is both joyful and painful...

Today was a good opportunity to tell Dad that I loved and appreciated him and was grateful for these last 10 years when we have grown in our relationship in new ways. God is good!

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