Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Treat anyone?


The first good rains of winter after the long, dry summer and autumn have also brought some surprises. The power lines are heavy with dust and blackouts have occurred; electricity surges have been common this week and we've blown four light bulbs in our house in just over a day.

This evening, I stood at the front door a number of times, calling for our cat to come in from the dark and rain. Another light blew, outside the front door, and though I could hear Angel I couldn't see what was causing him to drag his feet. Then, with a sudden spurt of energy he leapt over the portal and into our darkened hall, frenzied feet scrambling and slipping on the tiles.

Shutting the door behind him, I entered the lit dining area ahead of him, innocently joking, "What's all the fuss about, puss? Where's the mouse?"

With perfect timing and all the characteristics of a good discus thrower: rhythm, precision and power, Angel executed his final turn and let his prize fly neatly through the darkened door into the light, to land right at my feet!
His trophy gifted to me?

… a bedraggled soaking-wet RAT!!


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