Sunday, May 13, 2007

Last Shopping Trip – with my sons!


Time: Some 15 years earlier than my last post.
Place: Another supermarket.
Company: My two sons, then in early teens and extremely self-conscious in public.

Me, spying a familiar face as we pass in the aisle: “Oh, hello, nice to see you!”
Familiar Face: “Hi to you too!”

We pass one another again in the cereal aisle, exchanging nods and smiles.
Sons: “Please don’t stop and talk, Mum! Anyway, who is she?”

Next aisle, we face and pass one another yet again, like jousting knights riding trolleys with squeaky wheels.
Me: “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you; how are you?”
Familiar Face: “Well, thank you. How are you?”
Sons (aside): “Mum, you don’t know her – don’t keep talking to her.”

Me, to sons: “Yes I do. I typed assignments for her some time ago.”

We arrive at adjacent checkouts.
“Family well?”
“Yes, great; yours?”
“Yes, good thanks.”
“Well, see y’later.”

Outside, there she is again, in her car ready to drive off. As she lowers her window, on impulse I ask, “Did you get a good mark in your final assignment?”

[Now-not-so] Familiar Face: “OK, now I KNOW that I DON’T KNOW you!”

[Sons, shrinking in total embarrassment, silently vow to devote the rest of their teenage years seeking revenge!]


Alice said...

Oh, Noella, that's a wonderful story. Reminds me of some of the times I've embarrassed my children, not always accidentally either.

Liz said...

Oh my, that is so familiar! Sometimes I feel I know someone and later realise it is only because they happen to be a checkout operator at the supermarket! I spend too long in the supermarket!

Actually it happened last week to me in the gym as well. Never mind, it's good to embarrass children now and again.

Thanks for dropping in my blog.

Alice said...

Now listen here, my friend. It's nearly a month since this posting made its appearance! Anyone would think you had been involved in some other activities for the past few weeks! Time to get a life

'Alice' (beco)

Noella said...

Beco, you have caught me out! Thank you for reminding me that I had a blog to write.

But first I've just got to check...

Alice said...

Have you and your sons reached the check-out yet?


Noella said...

Beco, where would I be without your encouragement? We have yet to meet – but I like you!

Please do drop in again real soon...

Alice said...

Noella - just packing my bag now, and bringing some buckets with me - for some of your rain that I'm sure you can spare by now.

Hope you have a great week, enjoying your work and your family. BTW, how is the little chap going?