Friday, October 12, 2007

Perth to Hawaii

Sunset - on flight to Hawaii

August 31, 2007
After two beautiful flights totalling 15 hours (21 hours in transit), we arrived in Honolulu just 3 hours after we left home. That is, we left Perth in August, arrived and left New Zealand in September, then reached our first destination in Hawaii back in August!

By another trick of the International Time Zone, we will be away for just 33 days but will receive 3 months of in-flight magazines!

Air New Zealand excelled again with service. Perth to Auckland leg was all seats full, but Auckland to Honolulu only two thirds full and we could move around and stretch out. It makes a huge difference on a long flight. On this leg, the flight attendant handing out immigration cards for USA was explaining to passengers continuing on to Alaska that they'd need to fill in immigration cards for Canada. I quietly informed him Alaska was part of USA, in fact the 49th State, which initially caused him some confusion. But he back-tracked and apologized to the passengers he had mis-informed. From then on whenever he served us he'd good-naturedly say, "Ah, the troublemakers!" and we'd all have a good laugh. This attendant proved to be a real asset to his crew mates and passengers, with his friendly banter, sense of humour and attentive service.

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Alice said...

Sorry Noella - I obviously hadn't checked for a while. So glad you flights were good and not too boring. Your trip sounded like ours on the way home from Hawaii - we left the hotel at 7.ooam Monday and arrived home at 1.30pm Wednesday, via Osaka and goodness knows how many crossings of the IDL.

You're right about the Perth beaches for white sand and beautiful water, even compared to beaches in Hawaii. I kept stubbing my toe on the rock or maybe coral in the water, which dented my enthusiasm a bit.

Well, I guess you're no longer in Hawaii. Perhaps you are in Alaska now. Quite a change, I'm sure.

I hope you both continue to have a wonderfully relaxing and interesting time.

Cheers -