Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vegas Delights

I love the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, a half-hourly free show ,
choreographed to popular music and lights in a man-made lake.

All this takes place on a surreal strip of highway entering from and
leading back into the Mojave desert!

September 5-7

This is our third time in Las Vegas, and again I feel it is amazing to arrive and experience—and a relief to depart!

Gambling holds no interest for us, other than to make our eyes, ears and minds boggle. We have forgotten the energy-zapping heat and gritty, blasting winds. The soliciting card pushers are more prolific and ’in your face’ than ever as we weave our way along The Strip. Fancy pushing cards into hubby’s face while his wife is on his arm! As if!

But there is something about the sheer size and boldness of the themed architecture of the hotels/casinos, and their fantastic light displays at night! There is so much to entertain and amuse without spending a dollar, let alone the availability of world-class shows.

Where else in the world can you walk into a Sphinx and sleep in an Egyptian pyramid? And this after watching an erupting volcano, riding to the top of the Eiffel Tower, watching gondoliers on the canals of Venice, walking among the statues and fountains of Italy, through King Arthur's Camelot and by New York cityscapes, with roller coasters zipping and screaming high above (and sometimes through) hotels.

Hotels with their several thousand beds are like mini-cities in themselves. A map of our hotel is essential to find our room. Once inside, with no sense of night or day, finding your room can be a challenge equal to a car trial without the car, as weary travellers interpret and misinterpret their bearings and multiple choices of lifts (elevators)! But it does get easier after a few days...

Against this backdrop, a much hoped-for meeting fell into place against many odds and did not disappoint – in fact it was my highlight!


Alice said...

Loved the fountain photo, but your description of Las Vegas made me shudder. I guess it's all good for the experience - almost like the way a toothache makes you realise how good it is to be without one...lol.

Alice said...

Hey Noella - did I tell you I've already seen these photos ....lol.
Do you have any more?????? Tuesday night's over, you can blog now!

Alice said...

Dessert and coffee - you'll never get those photos posted at this rate....lol.

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