Monday, November 05, 2007

Red Rock Canyon

Calico Hills (
La Madre Mountains in background)

Calico Hills (fossilized sand dunes) — Turtle Head Peak

Mt Wilson cliffs (3,000 ft)

Joshua Trees

September 7

We included Las Vegas in our itinerary so we could take a trip out to the nearby Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in the Mojave Desert. With my new digital camera, I was keen to photograph the area's
unique geological features and colourful cliff faces of red, cream and gray layers of sandstone and limestone.

As part of a very small group tour, our guide was a senior local who interspersed geology lessons with local history, legends and stories of the desert and Las Vegas, which enhanced our half-day experience. At around 100°F outside, three or four bottles of spring water on ice (for each person), were very welcome after photo stops and walks. Later, packed lunch boxes which included the best filled ham or turkey sandwiches I've ever eaten, were handed out.

Next stop: the Spring Mountain Ranch.


Alice said...

Great colouring but don't they look inhospitable. Imagine being lost out there without water!

Colours remind me of two trips to Sedona, north of Pheonix. Beautiful red rocks there, too.

Anonymous said...

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