Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Farewell ~ Heath Ledger

The shock news of actor Heath Ledger's death today has touched so many people in so many different ways, but I have not heard of anyone who was indifferent. Was it because he was a movie star, popular, famous, or because he was young, in his prime and his death was so untimely? 

Perhaps all these things, but for the folks of Perth, Western Australia, he was a local, one of our very own, and a good Aussie bloke who valued and kept in touch with his family and mates back home, in spite of his fame and fortune as a movie star. Just weeks ago he was back in Perth enjoying Christmas holidays with his family — today we struggle with disbelief that he has gone.

Our hearts and sympathy go out to all Heath's family, and to those who personally knew and loved him. May you all be surrounded by the loving support and understanding from others during the difficult days ahead.


Alice said...

Very sad for Heath's family, both here and in the US. So tragic that society expects so much from its celebrities that life becomes unmanageable without medication, etc. It makes one wonder just how much enjoyment there is in the celebrity lifestyle?

His family will at least have a wonderful feeling of support from the folk in Perth, but it must be so difficult to grieve so publicly.

Kerri said...

His poor family! How sad to lose their son in the prime of his life.
I think the pressures of the celebrity lifestyle must be a difficult burden to bear.
On a lighter note, your kitty pictures are wonderful. I can see that Willow keeps you well entertained :)

Alice said...

Oh, I quite agree Noella. DH is a 'thing' of the past ------ YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!

However, it's well past time for another blog, even Kerri is having a go at me for being lazy. Nothing like being bossed around from the other side of the

I need to take some photos to spur me on. No chance of photos from Leeuwin of course. Gosh, I hope you and Barry have a fantastic trip.

Noella said...

Kerri, thank you for your comments. Willow's a real treasure!

Alice, just me and 3 girlfriends - Bazza's umpiring the cricket in Perth!

Alice said...

FOUR swooning women? Still, you'll hardly be noticed amongst the remaining 2996, will you?

Have a wonderful, wonderful time - and don't forget the binocs.