Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Expensive Burnt Toast!


It is not unusual to have fire alarms set off at work, followed by an evacuation. Whilst mostly false alarms, there have been genuine causes and alarms are always treated seriously. But recently a quirk of human nature was exposed and brought embarrassment to the perpetrator.

As s
moke bellowed from the common room adjoining two 3-story buildings we, the newest fire wardens, joined the other wardens to make a systematic check of every office and laboratory to ensure everyone had heard and obeyed the blaring sirens and disembodied voice repeatedly commanding, "Emergency! Evacuate now!"

With an audience of dozens, and a scene that would delight any young boy, the big red fire truck arrived at the building, lights flashing and bells ringing,
along with its emergency services tender, as the would-be fire bug (hereafter known as 'Professor X') retrieved his burnt offerings for lunch. A witness had checked the source of the smoke coming from the common room and found two pieces of blackened toast still cooking under the mini-grill. The toaster had been set for 10 minutes (thus overriding the auto turn-off) and the would-be diner had left the room to return to his research on physics and energy studies...

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