Monday, July 21, 2008

Expensive Burnt Toast, Mark II

Yep! It's happened again. The toaster timer was set which prevented auto-turnoff, and the toaster left unattended = totally incinerated toast! This time the fire bug shall be known as 'Professor Y'! Again the Firies attended – trucks, bells, whistles and all! Another expensive exercise and embarrassment!

Could these occurrences be the result of the constant pressure of continuing staff cuts and over-heavy workloads which means staff are too busy to stay and watch the toast?
But worst of all, now the perfectly functioning grill-toaster has been removed – and the rest of us can no longer enjoy our cheese-on-toast or my favourite avocado on toast for winter lunch!


Anonymous said...

Hi Noella, Shame about the griller. Wasn't there a series about a dithery professor. Seems he lives on... Haven't heard from you since my last email months ago. I think I sent you an invite to join my skype so we could chat that way...have a webcam now. Anyway, hope you're well. Often think of you. Do let me know how you're going. Fran :)

Noella said...

Lovely to hear from you Fran. I'm not on Skype, but I have a new e-mail address and will get in touch with you.


Alice said...

Oi, Noella - in case you hadn't noticed it's now Friday 29th August --- FIVE WEEKS LATER!

What are you doing, my friend?