Sunday, November 23, 2008

Youch! I backed into a Cactus!


This week I was aghast to learn, and through the most unlikely circumstances, that someone whom I respect had written to another several months ago with words that were accusing and pre-empting that I would not act with integrity. In the matter of life and death, the situation was not a big issue, but the written words stung as I couldn’t comprehend how they could see me in that light. Granted, they had known me for several years, though only in a work sense and certainly not well.

Fortunately, since then time has proven that they were wrong about their expectations of me.

But my nature is such that the written words stung and I fought off tears for several hours as I reflected on the circumstances at the time. This sort of thing has happened to me a few times through life – and probably a few times or more to every living person on this earth!

I have spoken of this to no-one, other than in prayer. As I worked through my feelings (which ranged from “get stuffed!” to forgiveness), I went through some soul-searching as I always do. Was there any truth that I was blinded to? I believe not, so was there something in my manner that gave this impression? Not intentionally, but if so, communication at the time would have cleared that up in a positive way.

Before I could move to a position of self-righteousness, my next thoughts swung to asking myself if I, too, have said things about others without knowing them well, or the circumstances! It can be so easy to “write someone off” if we think our spoken or written words will never be heard or read by them.

Something to think about, eh…?


Alice said...

Jealousy and poor self-esteem are often behind malicious accusations.

I think you are great, in the context that I know you,

Noella said...

Ah Alice, my other contexts are even better...! LOL!

At least, there's nothing that a good belly laugh won't fix!

ozjane said...

Oh powerful are those words.....and how easy to nurse and rehearse barbs that hit us when the Father just wants to take them and allow us head space for good profitable things. He does the best job of avenging always amuses me however that people never admit they are wrong. Were wrong.......whatever.