Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Scream!

OK, this is just too good not to record on my blog. The following article was published on 'Inside Cover' of The West Australian newspaper on 19th September 2005:

"A WA [West Australian] woman aboard a Qantas flight from Tokyo to Perth made quite an impression on passengers and flight crew.

"Noella had already flown 14 hours from Alaska and was determined to get some shut-eye on the final leg.

"She had no idea that as she drifted off she would soon cause terror at 30,000 feet.

"'My sleep was deep enough to have a very vivid dream,' she explained. 'I dreamed the plane had landed in Perth and was being locked up in a hangar for the night and because my friend and I were still sleeping we'd been overlooked.'

"In the dream Noella decided to take a deep breath and scream as loud as she could so airport staff would know she'd been locked in the hangar.

"I did and when I woke flight attendants had gathered around me," she said.

"Passengers the length of the plane heard the enormous scream and went into justifiable panic."

Unreported was that this occurred in the middle of the night when most of the passengers were sleeping. The flight attendants were very attentive, and good natured enough to forgive me for the busy time they had attending all the call lights and settling everyone down again!


aka_tiffany said...

That is hilarious. Pity this report hasn't made its way to Melbourne where I live (unless I missed it).

When I was a child I once hugged a fellow passenger in my sleep during an overnight flight (possibly thinking he was an oversized teddy bear). Then elderly gentleman was quite startled when I woke up and started crying!

Noella said...

Tiffany, thank you for reading my blog and making a comment. I think only our daily newspaper printed the item. Inside Cover is the page where oddities are sought and printed - I think to give readers a chuckle at breakfast before they get into the serious bad news of the day!

Noella said...

By the way, Tiffany, I thought your story of hugging your elderly fellow passenger was wonderful!

continuitygirl said...

Was this really you? It's so funny, you must have felt awful when you woke up.

Noella said...

Yes, this really was me, Continuitygirl. I am just hoping that I will be allowed back on board a Qantas plane again. Actually, the flight attendant from Business Class thanked me for giving him the best story to tell amongst the flight attendants in Qantas, and said it should be good for at least a year's worth of telling and laughs!

No, I didn't really feel awful as since I turned 50 I now laugh a lot more at life. But I did feel sorry for upsetting the passengers, most of whom were Japanese, and for keeping the flight attendants so busy settling everyone down again.

LindaD said...

This was a wonderful laugh! I'm still chuckling as I picture the scene.

Ava said...

too funny Noella!

Ava said...

oh-dear! Ava is signed in ... this is DeAnn!