Sunday, May 11, 2008

'Coz I'm The Mum!

Christopher's delicious roast pork with Kerrie's macadamia nut and maple syrup sauce, whole baked apples with cloves, and roast vegetables!

For reasons of which I am both aware and unaware, last year's Mother's Day began my seeing Mother's Day as being a celebration for me. Now it is Mother's Day 2008 that I fully embrace all that Motherhood is to me.

It is 12 years and 3 days since my own dear Mum's graduation to be with God, and I thank Him for all the wonderful years I had her unconditional love, her wisdom, her mothering during my growing-up years, then her 'sisterhood' as adult soulmates and friends. I celebrate the outrageous laughter we shared with just the raising of an eyebrow, the knowing wink of an eye or fleeting facial expression. There were no thoughts I could not share with her, knowing there would be no criticism, but only understanding and encouragement to take the wiser choices.

It is now the blessings of my own motherhood of 31 years of tears and joys are flowing richly to me and I do not take them for granted.

Two fine sons who have given me two beautiful daughters;
My first grandson's impulsive pressing his lips and face
against my cheek with his first kiss;
A lunch of small home-made quiches brought to my home to share;
An invitation to
dinner as guest-of-honour to share the roast (pictured);
And thoughtful gifts.

Thank you Lord!
Now I embrace Mother's Day for me.


Alice said...

I just knew that the delicious aroma wafting on the breeze couldn't possibly have come from any restaurant I have visited.

Now I know whence it came. A beautiful meal, cooked and served with love, for a lovely lady and dedicated mother and wife.

What a happy Mothers' Day, Noella. Embracing all that Motherhood means to you now, and remembering the years gone by with your own soulmate Mother.

Thank you, and bless you for this lovely posting. May every day be a 'Mothers' Day' for you.

Noella said...

Thank you, Alice. Your kind words mean a lot to me.