Monday, May 19, 2008

Million Dollar Cat!

Poor Willow! She had us very worried when she disappeared for 15 hours overnight! One moment she was a carefree kitten pouncing around the sprinkler holes in the garden, batting the insects that hovered above, delighting in life, then she disappeared! After a night of periodic calling and looking for her, she finally crawled home in the morning.

After 2 days in the veterinary hospital, a drip, investigation under anaesthetic, X-rays, and medication for pain and swelling and antibiotics, she could go home to be nursed back to health. We don't know what trauma she suffered, but she had to be treated for shock, bruising and muscle tears around the belly, and two huge, painful swellings on her rump, and minor cuts on her toe and ankle. Thankfully, she had no broken bones.

It was another 5 days before she could walk properly, but she has responded to lots of TLC and is healing well. She has become fairly withdrawn and extremely jumpy to sound and her playfulness and sense of fun are yet to return.

Whatever she experienced, sadly I think she has grown up...

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Alice said...

Oh dear, you must have thought "I've been down this road before with Angel". Thankfully, poor Willow returned to the fold, albeit bruised, bloodied and battered. It doesn't bear thinking about how she suffered those injuries, but thank goodness she is responding to all the love and care you are providing. There was a reason you took annual leave, Noella.

Don't those bones in the x-rays look so very fragile? Quite amazing!