Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Perth Zoo 3 - Design in Nature



Alice said...

You sure know how to grab my attention with those wonderful 'nature' shots. It's amazing how you learn to really look at things through the lens of a camera. Take away all the peripheral excess and concentrate just on a tree trunk, leaves, stems, fungi, feathers, clouds, water reflections, or any one of a million things in God's magical creation, and the results are breathtaking.

Thank you, Noella, I'm so enjoying Perth zoo - beautiful views, no crowds, and it's FREE.....lol.

Noella said...

True, which is why a lot of folk think I'm a little strange - but we see things differently when we take away the horizon and literally see things in a 'different light'.

Perth Zoo is beautiful and so much work has been done by so many dedicated people. I am sorry to disappoint you though; it has been many years since it was free. But it's worth every dollar and you can see where the money has been spent.