Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy holidays at the happy farm!

I am still trying to come to terms with the fact I've taken precious annual leave from work to stay home, rather than going away. But I've been working too hard for months and decided to take time to get rid of clutter, give the house a good clean, and to follow creative pursuits without feeling guilty!

First some sleep-ins, appointments, and a little veging out...but today I rose with enthusiasm, ready to tackle the first of the c's...

0800 hrs: Up, showered, dressed! Cool enough to wear socks which I carry to the kitchen to put on while the kettle boils. Sat down; only one sock and I know I had two! Retraced steps, again and again...abandon odd sock and start again.

0900 hrs: Vacuum cleaner clogged - got new bag and filter pad and returned to bedroom to fit. Last month's dirt and cat fur have by-passed the empty bag completely, requiring a major clean-up job before fitting new filter.... What? I had it right here beside me, but now it's disappeared. Looked under bed, shook out bed cover, retraced steps, retraced steps again – and found the lost sock had reappeared in middle of floor where filter pad should have been (now where did I put the other sock?). Vacuumed without filter.

1000 hrs: Coffee break and book to read: Where are my glasses? Looked for glasses. Kept looking for glasses! Retraced steps to kettle, to sock drawer, to laundry cupboard - still no glasses. Checked ironing board in family room - still no glasses - but found missing vacuum filter pad on the floor behind ironing board! Go figure!!

1010 hrs: Cleaned teeth and found missing glasses.

Don't even ask! Let's just say their whereabouts became very obvious when I looked in the mirror!


Alice said...

Oh dear, I fear that your holidays may be several weeks (maybe months or even years too late?)

Just put everything that's not nailed down on a conveyor belt and grab it as it comes past..... saves the effort and frustration of looking for lost

Enjoy your break, Noella, and make sure you leave time for the fun things, too.

Gail Niebrugge said...

Hi Noella, greetings from Alaska! Boy how I can relate to this blog. I spend more time looking for things than I do doing stuff now days. I really liked the creative photo.

Gail Niebrugge

Gail said...

Hi Noella;
I'm sorry for two posts, I'm trying to figure out how to leave a comment with a link. I should have tried "Preview" first.

Noella said...

Thank you for commenting, Gail. I don't mind the two posts - as that trebles the comments!